I actually submitted a novel today. I know, it's shocking...
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After a long drought of words, I managed over 1K on 3X2 this morning. During my break, I decided to submit a novel.

Yes, you read that correctly. A novel. It's been a while since I cold-subbed any of my novels. Currently REUTS Publications is open to submissions and the book I sent them fits nicely with what they're looking for. (Or so I tell myself) Feel free to throw your hat in the ring. :D

I also submitted a short story last night, before the window closed at Farstrider Magazine.

That puts my total number of submissions for the year at 43. This is week 36, so I'm in great shape to survive FanExpo and my current writing sprint.

The shiny counter:

43 / 52 submissions. 83% done! (Including 2 novel submissions)

Same story, two submissions
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The story I co-wrote with Stephen Kotowych has gone out twice since my last update. Are rejections becoming faster, or is this just a summer thing?

That puts my total number of submissions for the year at 41. This is week 34, so still ahead of the game.

The shiny counter:

41 / 52 submissions. 79% done!

I'm a Submission Machine
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I spent several hours today getting my fiction back out to market.

Five stories went out to Shattered Prism, The Dark Magazine, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show, Pulp Literature and one poem to On Spec.

A couple of weeks ago, I submitted a reprint story to The Singularity Magazine but didn't have time to blog about it.

That puts my total number of submissions at 39. This is week 33. So I'm way ahead.

The shiny counter:

39 / 52 submissions. 75% done!

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I've had my head buried so deep in novel edits for the last two weeks, I'm close to burnout.

Since several stories have come back, I thought I'd better do some submitting today, even if it's an evil form of procrastination.

One story (the novelette) went to Clarkesworld, one to Asimov's, and one to Urban Fantasy Magazine. A few days ago, my co-author Stephen Kotowych sent our collaboration off to Strange Horizons.

My total number of submissions is now 32. This is week 29 so I probably shouldn't procrastinate-by-submitting again until the novel is DONE.

The shiny counter:

32 / 52 submissions. 62% done!

Taking a Small Break from Editing
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The collaboration story has been making the rounds, and is now out at Asimov's.

That puts my total number of submissions at 28. This is week 27 so I'm holding on task.

The shiny counter:

28 / 52 submissions. 54% done!

Fathers' Day or Not-So-Much?
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I thought about this topic all day yesterday. Slept on it, and decided that I needed to be honest. That I needed to share my feelings about Fathers' Day in an actual, very-un-Canadian rant.

Why rant?

It's not like me to rant at all. I'm no ranter. I value politeness, sensibility, and courtesy whenever possible. Heck, the word "Canadian" is practically tattooed on each strand of my DNA.

Why today?

Because ranting yesterday would've ruined Fathers' Day for the majority of people.

Brace yourself, because this is about to get ugly and personal. Click away if you're faint of heart.

You have been warned...

Click here to make the rant visibleCollapse )

So when I sat down for a meal with my own children yesterday, I urged them to make time for their dad. To enjoy the fact that they have one of those worthy dads who DID play catch and DID tuck them in. For him, and all of the good dads out there, I hope you had a great day with your families yesterday. You are the spirit of what Fathers' Day is about and I'm happy for you all. You're lucky, and I hope you remember that as often as possible.

Submission as Procrastination
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Today I submitted 2 stories to get my numbers up (and my writing partner from the Stop-Watch Gang will likely sub the 3rd story today). Stories went out to Uncanny, Tor.com, and the collaboration will soon be on its way to Lightspeed.

That will put my total number of submissions for the year at 26. This is week 25 so I'm good for another week or so.

The shiny counter:

26 / 52 submissions. 50% done!

The Knee Improves = Writing Time
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Knee Update:

The surgery on April 27th went well. The surgeon did three things:
- trimmed the meniscal tear and added a stitch for "stability"
- stitched a partial thickness tear that hadn't shown up on the MRI
- "cleaned up" the knee of spurs

Long story short, I'm feeling stiff and the recovery time is slow, but each day I improve my range of motion. I'm now up to 128 degrees (was 111 degrees 12 days ago).

The doc suggested that another gel shot ($450) might help with my rehabilitation. I'm probably going to get one, but I haven't quite decided to make the appointment.

Writing Update:

Book 3X1 is out to Beta Readers at the moment. My deadline has become WAY shorter, so I'll be cramming in the edits over the next couple of weeks.

Today I submitted 5 stories to get my numbers up before the big editing crunch. Stories went out to OSC's Intergalactic Medicine Show, Crossed Genres Magazine, Clarkesworld, Cicada, and Fantastic Stories of the Imagination.

That puts my total number of submissions for the year at 23. This is week 22 so I'm good for another week or so.

The shiny counter:

23 / 52 submissions. 44% done!

Just typed "THE END"
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I've had very slow progress this month, as I thought and re-thought the ending of my current novel-in-progress. The title of this post is a giant spoiler -- I just typed "The End" for the first novel in my trilogy for Ed Greenwood's Hellmaw Universe. Here's an update on my progress since my last April numbers report:

Apr 8 - 354 words
Apr 9 - 370 words
Apr 10 - 789 words
Apr 11 - 365 words
Apr 12 - 359 words
Apr 13 - 398 words
Apr 14 - 370 words
Apr 15 - 400 words
Apr 16 - 408 words
Apr 17 - 398 words
Apr 18 - 477 words
Apr 19 - 446 words
Apr 20 - 446 words
Apr 21 - 168 words

My final April count for book 1 is 9,465 words. Assuming a typical NaNoWriMo pace, on the 21st day of April I should be at 35,000 words but WHO CARES! I typed THE END!!

Before I submit the book to the keen eye of "old red" AKA my editing pen, the book's total is a comfortable 85,897 words

Total number of all words (some good, some fermenting, some gone) written for the trilogy to date - 101,192

The shiny April counter: (in a lovely spring yellow):

9465 / 50000 words. 19% done!

The next step is to print the draft. I know it's a waste of paper, but my knee surgery is in 6 days and I'm anticipating that I won't be mobile enough to sit at my computer for a while afterwards, so pen-and-paper must be used!

Getting a few back out there...
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A few days ago, I was finally able to announce that my story, "Soaring on Clipped Wings" was chosen for the Q1 shortlist in the 2014 Aeon Award Contest. I've known for almost a year, but since the contest is anonymous, I couldn't say more than this vague announcement on my LJ back in May of 2014.

Subsequently, I re-submitted a few stories that had come home, in an attempt to build a buffer before my knee surgery on April 27th. I subbed one to Analog, one to Apex Magazine, and one to The Spectral Book of Horror Stories Volume 2.

That puts my total number of submissions for the year at 18. This is week 16 so I'm a little ahead. What with finishing my taxes and my upcoming appearance at PeguiCon next weekend, that 18 is likely to remain unchanged until a few weeks after the surgery.

The shiny counter:

18 / 52 submissions. 35% done!


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