Day 29 on which I earn the big prize
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I DID IT! Yeah, baby, I am a NaNoWriMo WINNER!

I'm exhausted but happy. The final summary:

Today Nov 29 - 2,284 words
Total: 50,080 words

The final, super-awesome shiniest counter: (in winner purple)

50080 / 50000 words. 100% done!

Day 28 on which words came painfully slowly
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I spent all day today fighting for words. Between the constant interruptions and my lack of motivation it took many hours to hit my 2.5K goal. But hit it, I DID!

I'm so incredibly close to a NaNoWriMo win! I'm betting tomorrow I will earn the glory.

Today Nov 28 - 2,610 words
Total so far: 47,796 words
+/- score: 1,129 words AHEAD and only 2,204 words to go! Wohoo!

I am totally confident that I will DO THIS THING!

The shiny counter:

47796 / 50000 words. 96% done!

Day 27 when I finally crossed to the happy side of the line
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Today I sprinted for 3 hours before I had to jump in the van and endure horrible traffic for many stressful hours.

I finally arrived home, determined to erase my deficit and cross the parity line. Mission accomplished!

I'm six words over a double (1667x2=3334) NaNoWriMo wordcount.

Today Nov 27 - 3,340 words
Total so far: 45,186 words
+/- score: 186 words AHEAD!

Now I really feel like I can DO THIS THING!

I have 4,814 words to go and 3 more days to write which means I must write about 1605 words every day to win. Yeah, baby!

The shiny counter:

45186 / 50000 words. 90% done!

Day 26 on which I grew a turtle shell
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Today the writing came so bloody slowly it was painful. I think I checked my spreadsheet a couple of hundred times over the last few hours, relentlessly eager to finally hit a double NaNoWriMo wordcount.

I finally reached a double (1667x2=3334) a few minutes ago. Thank the Lords of Kobol!

Today Nov 26 - 3,373 words
Total so far: 41,846 words
+/- score: 1,487 words behind - it's getting better

Finally over 40K and feeling like I can DO THIS THING!

I have 8,154 words to go and 4 more days to write which means I must write about 2040 words every day to win. *sigh*

The shiny counter:

41846 / 50000 words. 84% done!

Day 25 - another session yanking onion-words
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Today I had to deal with several parental obligations, burning through the bulk of my writing day. After an early supper, I pounded out a slow and painful 2,000 words for NaNoWriMo.

Today Nov 25 - 2,157 words
Total so far: 38,473 words
+/- score: 3,194 words behind

It's possible I can still make it to 50K although I'd feel better if my +/- was less than 2500 words by now.

The shiny counter:

38473 / 50000 words. 77% done!

Day 24 - A steamy double
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Yesterday was a zero day. Long story of obligations and exhaustion.

Today I was determined to pull a double NaNoWriMo day (1667x2=3334).

I wrote the first single at Starbucks and then McDonald's, finishing right before I had to drive my son to an appointment.

Four hours and a bunch of errands later, I finally sat down to write again. The words dripped out slowly at first but then I decided to write a sex scene and bam! Steamy words ensued and I quickly reached the second 1667.

Yesterday Nov 23 - 0 words
Today Nov 24 - 3,426 words
Total so far: 36,316 words
+/- score: 3,684 words behind

It's possible I can still make it to 50K

The shiny counter:

36316 / 50000 words. 73% done!

Day 22 in which I came home empty and wrote a bunch of second-rate words
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I drove to Toronto this morning for the Aurora Awards. I was nominated twice in the Short Story category and once in the Best Related Work category. While I didn't win, many of my friends won well-earned awards for their wonderful work. Click here for the full list of winners.

Several hours of errand running and/or mom-related duties, plus one white-knuckle drive home through serious snow and dangerously icy roads, I finally settled in at home.

I aimed for a single NaNoWriMo word count. I wrote about 1100 words before taking a break to watch The Walking Dead. Satisfied by this week's episode, I hit my target after struggling through what felt like absolutely terrible, stinky, lame words.

Today Nov 22 - 1,749 words
Total so far: 32,890 words
+/- score: 3,777 words behind = less suckage

The shiny counter:

32890 / 50000 words. 66% done!

Day 21 on which the snow falls and the migraine looms
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Headed to Starbucks for a morning session of NaNoWriMo merriment. Once I was settled with my tea and my word goal, I realized I forgot my laptop power cord.

I worked on battery power, saving often. Just after one of those saves, I checked my power and still had 1 hour and 30 minutes and then POOF! The laptop shutdown without any warning and wouldn't reboot.

Back to Casa Church where I ran the computer through a disk scan and several reboot cycles, all the while trying to get my heart rate back down to normal.

Then my gut decided to remind me I have IBS. So I gave up on writing and slept for a few hours.

Finally, while watching the Leafs in the background, I hit my revised goal of 2K.

Lucky me, I get to drive to Toronto tomorrow after the first snowfall of the season. NOT GOOD. NOT GOOD AT ALL.

Today Nov 21 - 2,094 words
Total so far: 31,141 words
+/- score: 3,859 words behind = less suckage

The shiny counter:

31141 / 50000 words. 62% done!

Day 20 in which I found my FLOW and surfed it like a pro
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Spent the morning at Starbucks until I hit a single NaNoWriMo target.

Had two sessions back at Casa Church - one in the afternoon, and one after returning from shopping and the auto shop where summer tires were swapped out for snows on vehicle #1.

Finally hit my double NaNo goal about five minutes ago. Good thing, too, because I am wiped-out exhausted.

Today Nov 20 - 3,427 words
Total so far: 29,047 words
+/- score: 4,286 words behind = less suckage

The shiny counter:

29047 / 50000 words. 58% done!

Day 19 in which I only do the minimum
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I aimed to for a double but only managed a single for NaNoWriMo today. My words came slowly and my intentions to write after dinner were blindsided by sheer exhaustion. On the bright side, I hit the halfway mark :)

Today Nov 19 - 1,713 words
Total so far: 25,620
+/- score: 6,047 words behind *sadface*

The shiny counter:

25620 / 50000 words. 51% done!


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