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I sent a story to The Exile Book of New Canadian Noir today. They're open for submission until July 2, so feel free to throw your hat in the ring with me.

That puts my total number of submissions for the year at 17. This is week 13, so I'm still ahead of the curve.

The shiny counter:

17 / 52 submissions. 33% done!

Might as well Destroy! everything
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The submission window is open until March 31st for Women Destroy Horror! and Women Destroy Fantasy!

I figured, why not submit a story to each?

That puts my total number of submissions for the year at 16. This is week 12 so I'm building up a buffer.

The shiny counter:

16 / 52 submissions. 31% done!

Submission Day
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I haven't subbed any stories in a while, mostly because almost all of my stories are out at the moment.

Nearly all of the rejected ones have been re-submitted.

I sent stories to the Aeon Award Short Fiction Contest, Asimov's, and Daily SF.

That puts my total number of submissions for the year at 14. This is week 11, so I'm comfortably ahead of the goal.

The shiny counter:

14 / 52 submissions. 27% done!

An Interview and a Thank-You
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As "Content Month" continues over at my website's blog, so far this week I've posted:

An Interview of Steve Vernon

A "thank-you" to Sandra Kasturi for writing the Introduction to ELEMENTS: A Collection of Speculative Fiction.

Background on "Courting Ice"
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"Courting Ice" is a short story new to my collection ELEMENTS.

As part of Content Month on my website, I've added a post that provides insight into the setting from "Courting Ice".

It's Content Month!
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Over at my website's blog, I've designated March as Content Month.

On the main page, you'll find the Table of Contents post, which lists all 21 stories in my collection, ELEMENTS.

During March, I'll be adding background content for each of the stories in the collection. From the Table of Contents, click through the links for each story to find the extra content.

So far, I've added background information on the first four stories:


The Wind and the Sky

March of the Forgotten

Storm Child

As I add more content, I'll add links here, but feel free to check my website's blog for the days I might forget to post here.

Happy reading!

Book tour dates
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I've been busy setting up the book tour for ELEMENTS.

Check out my website's blog for book tour dates.

Check out my Appearances page for the full listing of my 2014 events.

Ahh...the familiar rhythm of submission and rejection
Darth and Luke
Some stories have come back, so I decided to send a few more out into the wild. So far in 2014, I've been keeping my submission numbers in a comfortable-to-high zone.

I sent a flash piece to Inscription Magazine, a dark piece to Apex Magazine, and a story to Black Treacle, a market where fellow Stop-Watch Gang member Mike Rimar's had success.

That puts my total number of submissions for the year at 11. This is week 5, so I'm still way ahead of the goal.

The shiny counter:

11 / 52 submissions. 21% done!

Bell "Let's Talk" Day
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Today, in Canada, is Bell Let's Talk Day, a day devoted to ending some of the stigmas associated with mental illness.

I don't generally talk about specifics with respect to my personal life/health on my blog, but in honour of the day, here goes...

For a while, when my marriage was falling apart, I took the anti-depressant Citalopram/Celexa. At the time, I didn't feel as though the medication was doing much good, although others around me insisted that they saw significant improvement.

Every winter, I suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). The degree to which I am affected by SAD depends on many factors, the worst being the WEATHER. And believe me, this year, we've had plenty of WEATHER here in Ontario.

I take extra vitamin D. I exercise as often as I'm able/motivated (plenty of shovelling snow this winter so far). I try to get out into the sunlight as often as possible. These coping strategies help, but they don't always work at overcoming my winter blues.

The best treatment is usually a trip to warmer climates over winter, but lately I haven't had the budget for such a trip.

Some days, when my SAD hits hard (usually when my IBS flares up, I get so down I find it difficult to get through the day. Sometimes my biggest accomplishment is having a shower and making meals for myself and/or my family.

When I'm really down, everything is harder. The slightest "bad luck" can reduce me to tears. And I hate crying, because it makes me feel weak and/or vulnerable. But crying DOESN'T MAKE ME weak or vulnerable, in truth. I simply worry that it does, and that worry is aggravated by the SAD.

The next time you're thinking of a friend, offer your support (especially if it's been a hard winter). Something as simple as a phone call or an email or meeting up at a coffee shop can make a huge difference in a person's life. I'm much more likely to get out of the house if I feel obligated to do so...because I've made an appointment to meet a friend.

A kind word, or a hug, or meeting for coffee can profoundly help a person in need.

Let's talk...

Three more for good measure
Darth and Luke
Last night, I sent a story to Escape Pod before I left Starbucks.

Today, I sent a story to The Dark and a flash piece to Women Destroy SF! after I read (if I understood the post correctly) that they're accepting one submission in each category: short fiction, flash, reprints.

That puts my total number of submissions at 8 for the year. This is still week 3, so I'm definitely on a roll.

Yeah, baby!

The shiny counter:

8 / 52 submissions. 15% done!

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