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Resurfacing from the Swamp of Life
Elements cover
Life has been "lifing" a lot lately. So much so, that my writing took a back seat.

My mother downsized from a 4-bedroom house to a 2-bedroom apartment.
My youngest son left for university AND the Canadian Armed Forces.

I'm finally beginning to focus on my writing again, and that means picking up many balls that have been dropped.

I haven't blogged my subs much, probably because I dropped a couple of major balls/deadlines that I'd been aiming for. Ah, well, onwards and upwards.

Since my last submissions post, I've submitted 7 short stories to various anthos and magazines and submitted the sequel novel (book 2 of 3) Soul Larcenist to my publisher, The Ed Greenwood Group.

That puts my total number of submissions at 18. This is week 27. So, yeah, I'm REALLY BEHIND. But as you can imagine, most of my inventory is home, so if I make time for a submission spree, then I have the potential to shorten the gap.

The shiny counter:

18 / 52 submissions. 35% done!

Also, today is DAY 1 of Camp NaNo. I've signed up and aim to write 50K. Expect more shiny counters here in the future.

Taking a moment to blog
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I've been swamped with edits, lately, but I've found the time for a few subs in between chapters. Finding time to blog is another matter, unfortunately.

A non-fiction piece went to something I'll reveal later, my 2015 published short story is off at one of the "best-of" anthos, and my co-writer Stephen Kotowych recently sent our collaboration to Apex.

That brings my total number of submissions for the year to 10. This is week 10 so I'm staying on track.

The shiny counter:

10 / 52 submissions. 19% done!

Two submissions AKA obligations
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Recently, I submitted the two short stories associated with my novel Hellmaw 4: Soul Larcenist. One is meant to be read before the novel and the other after. For more info on my book and all the other Hellmaw novels, visit Onderlibrum.com.

While these stories are contractual obligations, they still count as "submissions" in my opinion.

That puts my total number of submissions for the year at 7. This is week 7, so I'm on track. That may very well change as I dig down the rabbit hole that is my LOOMING BOOK DEADLINE.

The shiny counter:

7 / 52 submissions. 13% done!

Procrastination in the shadow of impending doom
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I woke to emails reminding me about some looming deadlines. So instead of working on "Soul Poison" (which I'm WAY behind on, by the way) I decided to submit a couple of stories.

I sent one to On Spec during their (rare) open window and one to the New Canadian Comedy anthology.

That puts my total number of submissions for the year at 5. This is week 5, so I'm back on track.

The shiny counter:

5 / 52 submissions. 10% done!

Now I must get back to work. As of today, I'm over 20,000 words behind on THE PLAN. *sadface*

First submissions of the Year
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Last night I sent a story to Tor.com before they closed indefinitely to unsolicited submissions. Today, I sent a poem and a story to the New Canadian Comedy anthology.

That puts my total number of submissions for the year at 3. This is week 2, so I'm on track so far.

The shiny counter:

3 / 52 submissions. 6% done!

Now I must get back to work. I'm horribly behind on THE PLAN so far.

One whopper of a submission and a couple of little ones
Elements cover
A few minutes ago, I sent off the final edits to the galley proof of Soul Larcenist. The book comes out next month. Woohoo!!

To celebrate, I sent two short stories out to two anthology markets. One is closed, so mum's the word, and the other is Lazarus Risen

That puts my total number of submissions for the year at 56! Four more than my goal.

The shiny counter:

56 / 52 submissions. 108% done!

NaNoWriMo 2015 Summary
Elements cover
I spent most of today posting a summary of this year's NaNoWriMo statistics over on my main blog.

Click through to see all the charts and graphs.

Day 29 on which I earn the big prize
Elements cover
I DID IT! Yeah, baby, I am a NaNoWriMo WINNER!

I'm exhausted but happy. The final summary:

Today Nov 29 - 2,284 words
Total: 50,080 words

The final, super-awesome shiniest counter: (in winner purple)

50080 / 50000 words. 100% done!

Day 28 on which words came painfully slowly
Elements cover
I spent all day today fighting for words. Between the constant interruptions and my lack of motivation it took many hours to hit my 2.5K goal. But hit it, I DID!

I'm so incredibly close to a NaNoWriMo win! I'm betting tomorrow I will earn the glory.

Today Nov 28 - 2,610 words
Total so far: 47,796 words
+/- score: 1,129 words AHEAD and only 2,204 words to go! Wohoo!

I am totally confident that I will DO THIS THING!

The shiny counter:

47796 / 50000 words. 96% done!

Day 27 when I finally crossed to the happy side of the line
Elements cover
Today I sprinted for 3 hours before I had to jump in the van and endure horrible traffic for many stressful hours.

I finally arrived home, determined to erase my deficit and cross the parity line. Mission accomplished!

I'm six words over a double (1667x2=3334) NaNoWriMo wordcount.

Today Nov 27 - 3,340 words
Total so far: 45,186 words
+/- score: 186 words AHEAD!

Now I really feel like I can DO THIS THING!

I have 4,814 words to go and 3 more days to write which means I must write about 1605 words every day to win. Yeah, baby!

The shiny counter:

45186 / 50000 words. 90% done!