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The hamster
Elements cover
As promised, here are a couple of photos of my son's hamster, Cutie.

Cutie walking on my arm
Cutie walking on my arm

Isn't that a cute nose?
Isn't that a cute nose?

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Oh, he *really* is cute! :D

He sure is! I'm so glad we got him.

Thanks. Have I mentioned how much I love your icon?

Thank you! I miss having mouses.

That icon of yours looks like a plush toy.

How can you be lethargic with cutie walking on your arm? I'll have to keep the almost feral Justine, my computer kitty, away from your pix!

No kittie predators!!

My son took the picture -- I'm so proud of him. It's tough to capture a squirming rodent.

I was lethargic the next day, while downloading the photos, silly. :)

Agh! So cute! *dies* Cutecutecute!

I'll take that as a massive compliment, since you have your share of cuteness in your life with the lovable Hobkin!

Cutie is adorable. I know you and the boys will love him.


Lots of love so far. You've got your own cutie, in SQ.

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