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Story sale and nomination reminder
Elements cover
I heard today that "Destiny Lives in the Tattoo's Needle" will appear in Tesseracts 14, due for publication in September 2010.


That's two Tesseracts appearances in a row, as "The Tear Closet" appeared in Tesseracts 13.

Which reminds me, all of my Canadian LJers, only a few days remain to consider nominating me for an Aurora Award. I am eligible in the 2009 - Publications in English, Short Form category. Click here for a complete list of all eligible works.

Remember, you can go to my website and read the consideration copy of "The Tear Closet."

And if you think it's worthy, click here to nominate my story for an Aurora Award.

Oh, and if you either attended WorldCon in Montreal last August, or are registered to attend WorldCon in Melbourne this year, you can nominate "The Tear Closet" for a Hugo in the Short Story category. You can find all of the details on nominating a story for a Hugo here.

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Thanks. I'm so thrilled to have another sale.

Thanks. Do you ever sub to Tesseracts?

As I'm a Brit, I presume I'm not qualified :-)

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