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Suzanne's First Give-Away Contest
Elements cover
Since I so often extol the virtues of writing every day, what better place to write than in a visually stunning Paperblanks journal?

The people who make the Paperblanks journals couldn't agree more, so they have sponsored my first contest give-away!

If you would like a chance to win one of their journals, then read on...

Write a word-a-day entry using the word "habit" in the first sentence. The entry does not need to be a complete story, it can simply be the opening of something bigger. For examples of word-a-day entries, check out my word-a-day blog.

Minimum 100 words, maximum 300 words.

Post your submission in the comments section of THIS BLOG POST.

Deadline for submissions is two weeks from today: Tuesday, June 5th, at 10:00pm Eastern Daylight-Savings Time.

I will post a reminder next week about the contest.

Entries will be judged on:
- originality
- creative-but-not-obtrusive use of the word "habit"
- quality of the opening sentence in particular, but also in the overall submission (so please check for spelling and other such writerly details)
- enthusiasm-infusion within the piece

Watch this space for a picture of the journal to be won.

The winner will be contacted by Suzanne, so please include an email address for correspondence.

On your mark, get set with the word "habit" and...Go write!!!

More details on the sponsors of the contest: Paperblanks®

Founded in 1992 by Hartley & Marks Group

About Us:
Paperblanks’ products provide a unique, personal place for self-expression. Inspired by the works of visionaries, rebels and artists across the ages, each design embodies a true story. With most taking years to license and develop, our designs draw a connection to global art and culture that users can see and feel in each and every book, coupled with old-world craftsmanship and the finest materials.

Sold at more than 2,000 stationery shops, bookstores and museums across North America and select online retailers, including:
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Getty MuseumThe Art Institute of Chicago
The National Gallery of Art

Australia & New Zealand, Europe, Japan, Latin America, Middle East, North America,
and Russia.

Victor L. Marks: CEO& President
Supriti Bharma: Art Director
Graham Conway: CFO& CEO/Europe
Gilbert Chan: General Manager

Company Headquarters:
Vancouver, Canada

(Yay, Canada! - yes, this is Suzanne's personal comment on the matter)


For media inquiries:
Andrea Sausedo Piotraszewski

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Loving you is an impossible habit to break. Every thought of you sends a cool tingle up my back. The old folks would say that means someone is walking over my grave.

I hope it's you.

I've been down long since you took out the restraining order?

I know I'm in violation of terms--six feet away from you isn't a hundred--but are you really disturbed by what you don't know? If you don't realize there's a tunnel under your driveway, do you care if I'm in it?

You walk over me every day, and the sound of your steps filters down. By the length of your tread I know if you're tired, agitated, excited. Tonight a lighter set of steps followed yours. I hope she's pretty.

It's peaceful here. I miss the sunlight on my face, but I'm happy it shines on yours.

Nothing has changed, really. I still worship the ground you walk on.


(This submission is 159 words. I've sent my email address to your LJ mailbox. -Catherine)

Thanks, got the entry. Will judge over the next couple of day then post the winner!

"I think flowers should be my new habit." Melinda inhaled the scent of the three roses sitting in a vase in her living room, freshly cut from her garden. With a little more fertilizer, she thought the bush would be just spectacular.
"Flowers aren't a habit, you stupid cow, they're a thing. Habits are like watching a baseball game and drinking a beer every Saturday afternoon." Rudy leaned forward in the recliner, clicked on a game, and settled back.
Melinda stood next to him, gripping the garden shears tighter and tighter. In a long list of least favorite things that Rudy did, calling her 'stupid cow' was her very, very least favorite. But unfortunately, it had become a habit of his.
" I see you forgot that beer. Let me get you one from the fridge."
And so she did, with a pinch of something extra added.
Later that night, when it was very dark, she lugged him out to the compost pit, dumped him in, and covered him up.
"Just a bit of extra fertilizer," she said aloud, as she passed her garden on the way back in to the house. "My roses are going to be spectacular."

(I posted this last week, but it didn't show up, so I wasn't sure if you didn't get it or didn't get around to approving, since you've been sick. Hope you're feeling better - Karen)

Thanks, got the entry. Will judge over the next couple of day then post the winner!

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