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Resurfacing from the Swamp of Life
Elements cover
Life has been "lifing" a lot lately. So much so, that my writing took a back seat.

My mother downsized from a 4-bedroom house to a 2-bedroom apartment.
My youngest son left for university AND the Canadian Armed Forces.

I'm finally beginning to focus on my writing again, and that means picking up many balls that have been dropped.

I haven't blogged my subs much, probably because I dropped a couple of major balls/deadlines that I'd been aiming for. Ah, well, onwards and upwards.

Since my last submissions post, I've submitted 7 short stories to various anthos and magazines and submitted the sequel novel (book 2 of 3) Soul Larcenist to my publisher, The Ed Greenwood Group.

That puts my total number of submissions at 18. This is week 27. So, yeah, I'm REALLY BEHIND. But as you can imagine, most of my inventory is home, so if I make time for a submission spree, then I have the potential to shorten the gap.

The shiny counter:

18 / 52 submissions. 35% done!

Also, today is DAY 1 of Camp NaNo. I've signed up and aim to write 50K. Expect more shiny counters here in the future.